Who Knew Cauliflower Could Taste So Good?

Move over, chicken, we’ve got something new to share! We took fresh cauliflower and Chinese-style spicy Kung Pao sauce and turned them into a modern-day appetizer that delivers flavor in every bite. A sweet, spicy crunch that only cauliflower can deliver!

Ever crave something more? Something different? Look no further. This appetizer delivers on all fronts. Everybody loves traditional Buffalo wings (especially ours), but it’s fun to mix it up once in a while. So, we replaced chicken with a vegetable and Buffalo sauce with Kung Pao. The result? Something irresistible.

To go along with that delicious Kung Pao, why not sip on one of our locally-brewed RAM beers? Our hand-crafted brews are the perfect match for any dish, and to go along with the Kung Pao Cauliflower, we suggest Big Red’s IPA. This IPA is hoppy and bold with a smooth finish that perfectly complements the spice in this delicious appetizer.

The Kung Pao Cauliflower is a great lead-in to any of our Burgerama burgers, and can also be enjoyed as an entrée!

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