About Us

It all began 50 years ago on February 26, 1971, in a tavern known as the Ram Pub located in the Villa Plaza shopping center in Lakewood, Washington.

When our founders, Jeff and Cal, opened a “Deluxe Tavern” in 1971, they probably never imagined their company as a full-service restaurant and brewing business in 2021. Getting started, they decided to make a go of it serving warm pub food and cold beer. Part of their motivation was their shared experience working at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in college. While we’re still the #1 destination for burgers and beer, today, The RAM serves a wide variety of American-Fusion favorites. 

We opened our first brewery in Salem, Oregon in 1995. Among the first beers we tested were Amber Ale and Hefeweizen. Today, our passionate and talented brewers strive to create the freshest, most “drinkable” beers you will find, and their efforts have garnered The RAM over 200 medals from institutions as prestigious as the NABA and GABF. We celebrate our brewers’ ingenuity each and every day with a rotating selection of seasonal creations, which are locally brewed, by hand, with the freshest local ingredients.

Today the RAM is still family-owned and headquartered in Lakewood, WA. We now operate 13 restaurants and breweries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.