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What we’re about

We are all about great food, ice-cold hand-crafted beer and creating memories, and we have been for over 48 years. The first RAM opened as a “Deluxe Tavern” in Lakewood, Washington on February 26th, 1971. Today the RAM is proudly team-member owned and headquartered in Lakewood. We operate 26 restaurants serving guests in six states – including the RAM, C.B. & Potts in Colorado and C.I. Shenanigans in Tacoma, Washington.

Over the years, what began as “Deluxe Taverns” have grown into the casual, family-oriented restaurants for which we are known and loved. We are dedicated to creating superior quality food, and committed to providing our friends an environment of Gracious Hospitality. From the moment you are greeted at our front door, you will feel like a special guest dining in our home.

If you enjoy making people smile; if you enjoy going the extra mile to make someone’s day just a little bit better; if you can commit to giving our guests an experience that goes beyond the food and beverages they order; if you can help us be a part of the moment during major sporting and cultural events, school takeovers, and beer tappings; if you’re as comfortable talking about beer as you are talking about the weather; if you’re looking to pick up skills that you can use for the rest of your career — then we’d certainly like to speak with you. We are always interested in talking to great people and exploring opportunities that we have Back of House and Front of house.

Proudly Team Member Owned

The ESOP concept is simple: owners make better Team Members. In return for stock, the company asks the Team Member for a commitment of time and performance. As Team Members align their goals with those of the company, they find ways to do their jobs better. The cumulative effort of many Team Members doing their jobs better, or more efficiently, improves the company’s performance, which, in turn, increases the value of its stock. The Team Members who commit to improve the company can share the benefit of the growth they helped create.

Although ESOPs may seem confusing or mysterious, they’re really not. Under an ESOP, each eligible Team Member may effectively become a shareholder – an owner of a portion of the company. It’s just one of the many ways in which we empower our teams to benefit from the hard work they put in day in and day out.