What’s the deal with Bloody Marys?

Who would’ve thought that tomato juice and vodka would be a good combo? A man named Fernand Petiot, a New York bartender who first mixed the drink back in the 1920s. Was it Petiot who also decided this cocktail would be suitable for AM consumption? Something tells me, if you mix it with anything other than tomato or orange juice, you won’t be seeing it till evening. Sounds like the man was just looking for a way to get through those slow morning shifts in the bar. When first introduced, his bar patrons were less than impressed with the seemingly bland drink, so he proceeded to add a medley of peppers, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco hot sauce. These additions more than pleased his regulars. Now you might ask, where did that garnish come from? You didn’t ask for a veggie platter with your drink, but there it is, sitting on the brim. Meant to complement the spice of the drink, you get a little something to snack on while sipping that Bloody Mary.

Our Bloody Mary, dubbed the “Proud Mary,” was first introduced at the Lakewood RAM 20 years ago, and it has been a staple of our cocktail menu ever since. The Proud Mary is equipped with a proper garnish of celery, peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes, and even cheese. That’s not all you’ll find it comes served with. Who says you can’t have a drink to go with your drink? We serve the Proud Mary with a taster of Blonde Ale. It’s ready for you any brunch, lunch, happy hour, or late night.

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