What are we doing to keep you safe?

We’re absolutely thrilled to be serving you again, friends and Ramily. If you haven’t joined us already, you’ll notice that we’re doing quite a few things differently to keep you as safe as possible when you choose to dine in:

  • Our hours have been adjusted at most of our locations. Please use our location finder to check for up-to-date hours.
  • All menus are now single-use (printed on low-weight paper).  We do, however, ask that you help us reduce paper waste by viewing our menu online instead (www.theram.com).  All of our tables are equipped with QR codes that you can scan to view our menu quickly and easily. All you have to do is open your smartphone’s camera app and bring the QR code into the frame. The phone takes care of the rest!
  • All guests are now required to wear a mask while entering and exiting the building.  You may remove your mask when seated.  (Our teams don’t want to be the mask police.  Thank you in advance for following this rule!)
  • All guests are asked to maintain social distancing at all times (except when seated with your party).
  • All of our restaurants are currently following occupancy and other safety guidelines set forth by state governments.
  • All of our team members are wearing masks.
  • Most shared items (such as condiments) have been removed from tables.  Any remaining shared items (such as bar menus) are sterilized after each use.
  • We now offer contact-free payment options.  Every receipt has a QR code at the bottom; you can scan this code with your phone’s camera app to pay your tab.  This eliminates the need to pass credit cards back and forth.
  • Additional hand-sanitizing units for guests and team members have been installed in every restaurant.  If you don’t know where they are, please ask!

We are looking forward to the time when we don’t have to live six feet apart.  To get to that time sooner, we are doing what we can and hope that you will join us by pitching in and following the rules.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

If you’re still not ready to dine out, we understand.  Please don’t forget that we offer online ordering for takeout (food and beer), as well as 3rd-party delivery.  (We strongly prefer that you order takeout, as 3rd-party delivery partners collect about 30% of every order you place.)  All of these orders can be placed through our website by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon,

-Your Friends at the RAM

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