The Ram Celebrates 52 Years

Sunday, February 26th marks the 52nd birthday of The Ram. What started as a little tavern in the Villa Plaza shopping center in Lakewood, Washington offering “Cook Your Own Dinner Fare” has evolved and grown into what we have today. In 1971, the Ram offered “Color Television” and “Foosball”. The last Thursday of every month between 7 pm – 10 pm, Mug Club beers were 10 cents. Beer Nuts could be had for 15 cents. Monday was “All You Can Eat” Pizza for $1.65. Wines by the glass included “Spanada”, “Loganberry”, “Apple”, “Strawberry”, “Wild Mountain”, “Pink Chablis” and “Peach”. Anyone remember “Cold Duck”?  If you do, you probably never saw it on draft, but that is the way it was served at the Ram for 70 cents. 

My favorite menu item back then was the “Catch All” Sandwich, which consisted of “bountifully prepared Ham, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, pickles, and cheese. Served on a French Roll. Hot or Cold”. We brought this sandwich back around 10 years ago for a little nostalgic fun. In case you were wondering about beer, Olympia Light or Dark was sold for 35 cents a glass or $1.75 for a pitcher. 

Through the earlier years, those cozy little taverns, or pubs, spread to several western college towns. The late 70s and early 80s brought more full service, bigger menus, and more sports programming. In 1995, we began brewing our own beer, and here we stand today, continuing to innovate great food and beverages served with gracious hospitality. Some things have come full circle, like pizza being back on the menu. So, Happy 52nd Birthday to the Ram Family. What a wonderful journey.

Thank You and Cheers! 

-Jeff Iverson, CEO

One final note…

On March 8th, we commence our 15th Annual Burger-Rama. I am finding it hard to believe it has been 15 years of ground beef gluttony. The menu this year features five delectable burger creations in addition to our Loaded Pizza Fries appetizer. See you there!

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