So What’s the Deal with Porters?

Dark, smooth and flavorful, the Porter has long been a favorite of avid beer drinkers around the world. Its warm and welcoming profile can be a nice change of pace from other more bitter, hoppy brews. Like most beers, the exact origin of the Porter is hotly disputed amongst brewers and drinkers alike. A popular theory is that the earliest Porters date back to the beginning of the 18th century in Britain. It is said that brewers originally created this style by mixing an older beer with a newer beer and served it. Apparently, this beer cocktail was well received by pub-goers. Based on that theory, sounds like the Porter is the sourdough of beers. The beer became immensely popular amongst with British working class and was especially liked by London-based railway workers called “Porters.” After a long day’s work of loading and unloading passengers and luggage, nothing hit the spot quite like a smooth, malty beer.

We can’t say we brew our Porter by mixing two beers together at the bar, but we do think it tastes pretty good. Presumably still popular with railway workers, our Porter is brewed with 2-Row Barley, Crystal and Wheat malts, and hopped with Cascade and Willamette. It’s won six medals since 1996, including Gold at Great American Beer Festival in 2010 and Gold at the North American Beer Awards in 2018. Stop by the RAM today and try one for yourself!

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