RAM Celebrates 25 Years of Independent Brewing

When craft beer emerged in the late 80s, Ram locations got their hands on it and were soon surprised by how popular it was. Our President Jeff Iverson recounts a day in the late 90s when we first thought to throw our hat in the ring and brew our own beer. “Beer, since day one, had always been one of the backbones of The Ram. That’s why we thought that brewing our own beer could elevate and grow our brand.” 

Getting in craft beer brewing early, of course, had plenty of upside, but it also presented a number of challenges to overcome. First and foremost, we found ourselves having to familiarize people with craft beer. “In the early days, regulars used to ask us ‘what is that stuff?’ says Colorado Regional Leader, Kevin Sheesley. “The Porter, being so dark in color, definitely took some convincing that it was actually a beer when we first started selling it. It sounds crazy today, but there was a time when craft beer was virtually unknown. “

We have 11 brewing sites, ranging from 7 BBL to 15 BBL in size. From these 11 brewing sites came 15,000 barrels of beer in 2019. In most cases, your beer is brewed in the same building in which you’re enjoying that delicious cheeseburger. Our founders, Jeff Iverson Sr. and Cal Chandler, thought that building the breweries in the restaurants would create a lasting impression on our guests. When you visit us for a meal or drinks, you can see where your beer is brewed, watch the process unfold, and even meet the brewer responsible for that beer you’re enjoying. Anyone and everyone can be a part of our beer family.  

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