Issaquah RAM Launches New Menu

Stop by the RAM in Issaquah to try out our all new menu! This menu features everything from new specials to returning favorites. Whether you’ve got a new craving or have been missing your old favorite item, you’re in luck because this menu has a host of great new options to choose from.

A selection of classic RAM burgers, sandwiches, and even appetizers have found heir way back onto the menu, which means they can again find their way to your table. Has life not quite been the same without burgers like the PB & J, Teriyaki, or Sergeant Pepper? Not to worry, because they’re all back! Have you been longing for one of your favorite sandwiches like the Oven Baked Club Focaccia or Nantucket Fish Sandwich? Good news, those are back, too. If you used to love to start things off with a plate of Chicken Flautas, but noticed they’ve gone missing… That’s right, Chicken Flautas are back as well. No matter if you’re in the mood for something unconventional like peanut butter and jam or teriyaki on a burger, or something a little more traditional like a nice ham and turkey club or fish sandwich, our new menu has you covered.  

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