Burgerama Starts March 16th!

Burgerama is back! Choose from a selection of brand-new burgers and other delicious creations. Running all day, every day for a limited time. Our brewers have some great beers on tap for you to pair with these delicious burgers, so don’t forget to check our tap list before joining us! 

Buttface Amber Ale Chicken Sandwich
Amber Ale marinated char-grilled chicken, zesty coleslaw,
fresh tomato, onion crisps, RAM BBQ sauce, sliced
Wisconsin cheddar, chipotle-tarragon mayo on a garlic-grilled
Bavarian-style pretzel bun.

Bravocado Burger
Fire-grilled burger patty, smashed avocado, Wisconsin cheddar
cheese, chipotle-tarragon mayo, chipotle tarragon slaw on a
grilled Bavarian-style pretzel bun.

Fiesta Burger
Fire-grilled sweet-hot, smokey-spiced burger patty,
Wisconsin pepper jack cheese, applewood-smoked bacon,
guacamole, smoked Anaheim pepper, pico de gallo and
RAM salsa on a grilled Bavarian-style pretzel bun.

Kraken Platter
Crispy Big Horn Hefeweizen beer-battered Alaskan cod,
panko-breaded fried Shrimp served with zesty cocktail sauce,
dill tartar sauce, zesty coleslaw, RAM fries.

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