Burgerama: Burger d’Art is Back at The RAM Restaurant & Brewery

What would a painting look like if 2000 people painted it? Imagine that. Now, imagine what that painting would look like if it was a burger. That’s the idea here. Burgerama has been around for 10 years, and at The RAM they figured they’d celebrate that milestone with the craziest and most delicious burger ideas their team could come up with. This is the first time The RAM has opened up the event to submissions from all of their 2000 team members throughout the company. Banger Smith of The RAM Restaurant Group says, “Our guests will discover that each of our eight new burgers has its own story. Burgerama is ‘Burger d’Art’ – designed, presented, uniquely flavored and meant to take our guests’ burger experience to burger heaven.” Culinary and Purchasing Director, James Cassidy says, “Every bite is like shaking the artist’s hand – but don’t worry, they don’t sign the buns!”

Banger Smith says, “If I had to put my finger on that one thing that has led to our success for 47 years, it’s our burgers. Based on nearly a half century of recipe archives, RAM burgers have had no fewer than 1000 iterations. Our perfect burger is made from 100% USDA certified all-natural beef that’s free of antibiotics, hormones, and fillers. It’s grilled over an open flame to temperature – every time! Our proprietary beef blend explodes with flavor and juiciness on the first bite.”

Burgerama is redefining “deliciousness” one burger at a time. Meet the Bravocado Burger, curated by Sous Chef Daniel Cabera of Kent, WA. The hero of this burger is clearly the sliced fan of fresh avocado, resting on a perfectly grilled seasoned beef patty, giving a more delicate, mild, buttery texture at first bite. This burger is also topped with Wisconsin cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo and comes with a side of sweet chili garlic slaw. Pair the Bravocado Burger with a fresh handcrafted gold medal-winning Blonde Ale. Banger Smith says, “If I was going to put the Bravocado Burger into one of the five taste categories – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami – it would be pictured under the definition of ‘umami’ in the dictionary!” (Pictured left)

“The Thunderbird Chicken Sandwich,” Cassidy says, “Will teach you what love means! We take our tender all-white chicken breast and hand bread it with a blend of panko and seasoned flour, fry it crispy, add savory Applewood smoked bacon, an over-easy egg and cover it in our sweet and savory maple garlic butter. It’s a truly crispy, sweet, and savory taste sensation!” This recipe was created by Chef Chavis Nissly of Denver, CO. Cassidy recommends pairing the Thunderbird Chicken Sandwich with fresh and local award-winning Buttface Amber Ale for a truly unforgettable experience.

The Mario’s Diablo Burger created by Chef Mario Rodriguez of Chicago, IL is designed with fork and knife in mind. Banger Smith says, “At first bite, you’re met with many wonderful flavors, albeit with a little heat! As you continue to savor the experience, heat builds with each bite, but the flavors remain!” The burger features signature ground beef blended with chopped bacon, Southwest seasonings, spicy hot sambal, Cholula, pepper jack cheese, fresh minced jalapeno and red onion. It’s topped with award-winning Buttface Amber Ale beer-infused kicked-up cheese sauce along with Wisconsin pepper jack cheese and served on a fresh pub roll crowned with a whole roasted jalapeno pepper. Chef Cassidy adds, “Mucho Caliente, my friends.” Enjoy Mario’s Diablo Burger with an award-winning Big Red’s IPA.

Burger traditionalists will enjoy the Pickle Me Rosie Burger. Federal Way, WA Server, Tracey Palumbo’s recipe explodes with flavor on the first bite! The Pickle Me Rosie Burger features an open-flame broiled beef patty with Wisconsin Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and onion, topped with fried pickle chips and a zesty house fry sauce on a perfectly grilled Bavarian pretzel bun. Showcased on the other side of the burger spectrum is the 100% plant-based Impossible™ Burger served on a grilled bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle chips, and proprietary burger sauce. The popular Impossible™ Burger features the look, smell, texture, and taste of beef without the beef.

When it comes to shareable appetizers, one of The RAM’s most requested items ever is Crispy Onion Rings served with zesty house fry sauce. They’re back on the Burgerama menu now by popular demand. Chef James Cassidy also recommends the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. “Who doesn’t enjoy the flavor of buffalo hot? We take fresh cauliflower florets and lightly coat them with our herb-spiked flour, fry them crisp, then toss them in our own Buffalo Sauce, and serve with bleu cheese dressing.” Both of these appetizers pair with a silver medal-winning Hefeweizen or a delicious and refreshing Pepsi.

For dessert, enjoy the delightfully rich house-made Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, crafted with velvety smooth peanut butter, spun with cream cheese and layered on everyone’s favorite OREO cookie crumb crust. It’s topped with chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and chopped peanuts. Cassidy adds,”Mmm, Mmm, … good! This one’s for the peanut butter chocolate lover in all of us.”

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