Lacey RAM Restaurant & Brewery - Address, Phone Number, Order Online
The RAM Lacey WA

8100 Freedom Lane NE Suite C

Lacey, WA 98516

Phone: (360) 923 - 5900

Open Sunday - Thursday from 11am - 11pm
Friday and Saturday from 11am - Midnight

What's On Tap in Lacey?

Rabbit Punch

Our Brewers' spring seasonal delivers a one-two combo of clean, bready malt notes and a snappy punch of noble hops. ABV 5.3%

71 Pale Ale

Join us in celebrating our 48th anniversary by raising a pint of our 71 Pale Ale, back now and for a limited time only! Distinctly drinkable, with a subtle, toasty rye malt profile and citrusy, herbal hop flavors.

Norm's Pilsner

A crisp, refreshing lager, reminiscent of classic German pilsner beers. Brewed with pilsner malt and finished with Hersbrucker hops. ABV 5.6%

RAM Cider

RAM Cider is made for us by Locust Cider in Woodenville, WA. It's our own semi-sweet cider we developed with the cider makers at Locust. No added sugars, all WA grown apples and gluten free. ABV 6%