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140 South Illinois Street | Indianapolis, IN 46225
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seasonal beers on tap

Maibock Spring Bier

The arrival of spring marks the return of our Maibock.  This medal-winning bock combines toasty malt richness and refreshing hop character to deliver a bold kick.

Coffee TNG Stout

Dry/Irish Stout: Roasted Barley and Coffee aroma, light body with a roasty, chocolate, coffee flavor and a dry finish.  Infused with chicory coffee.

Get To Da Hoppa!!!

American Pale Ale, light in body and high in hop flavor and aroma.  Hop flavor and aroma reminiscent of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit.

Ahhnold SCHWARZ-enegger

Schwarz bier: A dark, malty German Lager. Very smooth malt character, with low noble hop bitterness. A touch of roasted malt character leads to a slow, drying finish.