Medford OR RAM Restaurant & Brewery - Address, Phone Number, Order Online
The RAM Medford OR

165 Rossanley Drive

Medford, OR 97501

Phone: (458) 225 - 9816

Open Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday 11am - Midnight
Sunday from 9:45am - 11pm

What's On Tap in Medford?

Mezzanine Pale Ale

A delightfully balanced hoppy ale. Light floral and fruity flavors compliment a subdued bitterness. An easy drinking ale for all occasions.

Roxy Ann Red

A complex ale with distinct PNW hop notes of pine and citrus, paired with a medium malt profile that imparts a light biscuit flavor. Just a touch of flaked rye adds a subtle spicy note to this flavorful brew. Named after one of our more dominate landmarks, this beer is sure to leave a lasting impression!

71 Pale Ale

Subtly toasty, rye malt profile with citrusy, herbal flavors of Centennial hops.

Udder Chaos

A stellar collision of dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and fresh roasted coffee deep within the Milky Way created this decadent dark matter. Rich with heavy medals from the GABF!