Emergency Food Network and RAM Logos

The RAM Helps Raise Thousands in Cash and Food for Local Charities

The RAM Restaurant and Brewery recently presented the Emergency Food Network, headquartered in Lakewood, and the Pierce County YWCA, located in Tacoma, each with a $5,000 check after a successful Matching Fund Campaign. Last November, The RAM announced that they would match all community donations during the campaign (up to $10,000); the local community stepped up and raised over $7,800 with contributions from several local breweries, businesses, and individuals. Dave Iverson from The RAM said, “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with these two local groups that contribute so much to those in need of critical assistance in our communities.” Overall, these two charities will split roughly $17,800 to assist in their efforts throughout the Puget Sound.

In addition to the monetary donations to the YWCA and the Emergency Food Network, local RAM Restaurants and Breweries collected 920 pounds of food items, diapers, and used cell phones. Executive Director, Helen McGovern-Pilant, from the Emergency Food Network estimated that the collection came out to be about 1,150 meals worth $8794! “This is truly amazing! Just when we get cuts to food stamps and our numbers increase, The RAM arrives on a white beer keg to give us hope,” stated McGovern-Pilant.

The Matching Fund Campaign was organized after RAM officials heard the disappointing news of the charities being promised an opportunity to raise thousands of dollars at Tacoma beer festivals with both groups receiving very little in return for their volunteer hours. As one of dozens of participating brewers at these festivals, The RAM realized the amount of effort put into these events by volunteers and made the decision to get involved and try to make things right. Miriam Barnett, CEO of the Pierce County YWCA, commented, “ We are thrilled…this has restored our faith in humanity!”

The RAM’s Jeff Iverson Jr. added, “Working with both The Emergency Food Network and the Pierce County YWCA opened our eyes to the vital programs their organizations provide to both those who are hungry and women and children that depend on daily shelter needs.”

McGovern- Pilant summed it up by saying,” Thanks for caring about our mission and for wanting to make lemonade out of lemons!”


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