Event Bar Options

April 7, 2017

Open Bar

All drinks are tallied on the same tab with a complete range of cocktails,
beer and wine available to your guests. Choose from any liquor and wine.
Drinks will be charged based on consumption.

Capped Bar

An open bar will be available to your guests within a certain dollar limit determined in
advance. Once your limit has been reached, your server will inform you to set a new limit
or your guests will have the option of paying for their individual drinks. If your limit has not
been reached, you are charged for only what has been consumed.

Cash Bar

No alcoholic beverage will be placed on the host’s tab. Guests are asked to pay for their
own alcoholic beverages. All non-alcoholic beverages will be added to your tab, unless
noted otherwise, or if your banquet option is chafer style.

Craft Beer & House Wine

Guests will be offered only beer pints or glasses of house wine. Your guests will
have the option to pay for all other drinks. You can have this option as a
capped bar or open bar option. This is a great option to keep costs
low and maintain the feel of an open bar atmosphere.

Ticket Bar

Our ticket option allows you to limit and budget for your event by allowing tickets for drinks.
Your guests will be able to use the tickets provided to them for the alcoholic beverages you
have determined. Once the tickets are used, the guests will be asked to pay for their drinks.
The tickets are good for alcoholic beverages only.

Additional Services

April 7, 2017

Additional Services

Linens $7 per linen
Colors subject to change based on availability

Linen Napkins

$1 per napkin
Colors subject to change based on availability

Cake Service

Ram Restaurant & Brewery will provide plates, forks and napkins for your cake
(cake not included)

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